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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing IRS 1040-EZ 2024 Form vs. Form 1040 Schedule Eic

Instructions and Help about IRS 1040-EZ 2024 Form vs. Form 1040 Schedule Eic

Okay welcome to this video tutorial on how to complete a basic form 1040 for the 2024 tax year now i'm going to be going through this tutorial using the drake tax software platform now obviously if you're watching this you don't need to have drake tag software to follow along here whether you're using turbotax lucert any kind of free file program or you're just filling the forms out by hand you're still going to be able to get a lot of utility out of this because what i'm going to do is as i enter the information we're going to explain all the information and then i'm going to always flip back to the forms so you can see how the data is being transferred to the return itself so as you're preparing this in your own software platform if you go back and look at the form itself to make sure that everything is lining up the way it should be then you're then you'll be good to go so again i've got drake tax software in front of us this is the forum view we're going to work with our taxpayer here john q uh doe the fake taxpayer here living in florida and so also in front of us i've got a couple of supporting documents here right so what most taxpayers would typically have in front of them we've got a w-2 for john from his employer i've also got a 1099 int these are interest income 1099s issued by banks other kind of custodians so john got one of those for the year from his uh savings account and then we've also got a brokerage statement here so this is a consolidated 1099 from the brokerage company that john has an account with...